Fun on the Farm (Lodi, California)

A summer job at a cherry packaging factory in Stockton, California becomes a high school reunion for a group of missionary kids from Rift Valley Academy, Kenya. After stringing together a series of east coast universities to gather the crew, 2 cars embark on the non-stop, 40-hour road trip to California’s Central Valley just before the cherries ripen. Long summer days yield beautiful sunsets, and long hours in the factory are rewarded by the joy of comradery. Mr. Decker lets us drive the tractor and a dirt clod war breaks out in a fallow field.  We missionary kids live an atypical lifestyle, to say the least. Yet, for all our peculiarities, I like to think we are well acquainted with the enjoyment of life.

Fun on the Farm-1.jpgFun on the Farm-2.jpgFun on the Farm-3.jpgFun on the Farm-4.jpgFun on the Farm-5.jpgFun on the Farm-6.jpg


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